What support do you offer?
We offer you full support for any problem linked to the hardware or the software running the POS during business hours. Problems linked to Odoo have to be managed by your Odoo partner.
What improvements are included in the price?
All of them! As soon as we develop a new feature your POS is put up to date with it. Check out our “what’s next” page for more information on these features.
How do I setup my POS?
You just have to connect the devices and go through a very easy set up to connect HopHopHop to your Odoo. Then you’re up and running.
What’s the difference between packages?
The main difference is if you prefer using an iPad or a computer touchscreen. That’s up to your preference.
How do I order my package?
Complete our order form “here” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
What happens if a piece of hardware breaks?
We will send you a replacement piece as soon as possible.
Is an Odoo license included?
We do not include any Odoo license. If you don’t currently have Odoo, contact us and we will refer you to a trusted partner.
Does it work offline?
The standard POS will work offline but won’t synchronize the session till the internet is back up. The terminal payments won’t work either as they process payments through the internet.
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