Finding a good POS can be tough; and we think that Odoo contractors should focus on their business rather than hardware.

That's why we want you to provide Hophophop where we can't.
how it works
We provide you with full packaged Hophophop and will ask for an upfront annual payment for the first contractual year. You will then have a choice for the following  years; to pay your rent monthly or annually. An extra discount will be given for those choosing the yearly payment method.
Watch Gaël speak about the benefits of Hophophop at Odoo Experience 2018
What's in it For you
- We let you rent your newly acquired Hophophop to your own customers at the price you see best fit.

- We’ll take care of the non-stop assistance and remplacement of any defective part for you. Leave the technical stuff to us.
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