A few of our IDEAS
Of course, we will continuously improve our solution in so many ways. Have a look at a few of our ideas :
Order on the phone, pay at the pos
Manage phone orders directly on your POS, when the client comes to retrieve it, process the payment.
Certification for french Horeca Market
The Horeca market needs a certified POS, we plan on offering this.
Payment terminals for other countries
You want to process card payments. Contact us to discuss an integration.
Interface Money counter device
No need for your employees to manage cash. A device will do it for you.
Screen for kitchen staff
Go paperless. Have a screen in your kitchen to see incoming orders.
Use coupons and have a loyalty program
Create and read coupons you emitted or offer discounts to loyal customers.
Gift cards
Create and read gift cards you can sell.
Reservations directly in POS
Manage future reservations of your tables directly in the POS.
Create customers that are part of a company
Want to offer discounts to partner companies? If an employee from that company comes to your shop add him directly in your database from the POS.
Have a real map of your different floors to visualize easily your tables
Need to visualize better the layout of tables? Have a more realistic map to avoid mistakes.
Employee reports
Get insights on the sales of your different employees.
Optimize bill splitting
Split bills among clients more efficiently to go faster.
Certifying our scale
Scales need to be certified for retail usage.
Have a client display
An easy way to communicate prices and information directly to the client.
Stock management
See directly in the POS the level of stock available.
Join tables
Need to join tables to accommodate bigger groups? Do it as well in the POS to reflect reality.
Standalone POS
No need for a cashier anymore. Clients can pay alone at the POS.
Advanced order notes
Clients love to make changes when ordering. Have the most common changes available in one click to speed up the ordering process.
Money card to pay (party or festival)
For parties or festivals, reload a card/bracelet to pay cashless on the premise.
Drop any idea, we will be
happy to add your features.
Thank you for sharing your idea!
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